Below you find a short version of our tour program on El Hierro - the tours are divided into  JOY-RIDE,  POWER-RIDE and TRAIL-RIDE


Tour A: „Mencafete“

Tour B: „Meseta de Nisdafe

Tour C: „Malpaso“

Tour D: „Hoya de Morcillo“

Tour E: „El Golfo“  Enduro-Schnuppertour






Condition and riding technique easy

Condition and riding technique medium

Condition easy / riding technique medium

Condition and riding technique medium

Condition and riding technique medium                                  

JOY-RIDES are great for bike beginners - you should be in a good physical shape, to have some fun even on elevations. We are biking on wide offroad tracks, flow trails and tarmac roads - you can book all our bike tours with an e-bike as well :-). 




Tour F: „Meridiano 0“ 

Tour G: „Hoya de Morcillo“

Tour H: „Meseta de Nisdafe“

Tour I:  „Malpaso“

900Hm/ 52Km 900Hm/ 48Km  850Hm/ 40Km

550Hm/ 45Km

Condition medium - difficult / riding technique medium

Condition medium / riding technique medium -  difficult

Condition and riding technique medium - difficult

Condition and riding technique difficult                               

POWER-RIDES offer demanding ascends and challenging downhill on our favourite trails - depending on the abilities of the participants we offer different tracks and trails -  your guide will provide you with all the info. 



Tour K:  „Charco Manso-Tamaduste“

Tour L:  „Tacoron“

Tour M: „La Caleta“




Condition and riding technique difficult   - back with the taxi shuttle

Condition and riding technique medium -difficult  - 2 shuttles = 2 downhills  

Condition easy /  riding technique difficult  -  2 shuttles = 2 downhills

TRAIL-RIDES the name says it all! Here the focus is on downhill - the altitude meters are easily shuttled by minibus or taxi. Demanding trails through varied and untouched landscapes you can only dream of .... A maximum of 550 m must be climbed - than the downhill fun begins, with more than 1500 meters descending per tour. The tours with a  second shuttle sum to about 3000 meters of downhill experience. We definitely recommend wearing protectors for these tours (also available from us). If you want to ride your own bike, it should have at least 140mm of travel and good tires. 

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